Why sell personalized diapers?
When the first grandchild in our family was born her parents received a set of personalized diapers as a gift. Everyone ooohed and aaahed over how cute the concept was, but as soon as we started experimenting with our own process we could see it was a vast improvement. No one else offers personalized diapers with your choice of artwork, font and message.

Why should I buy personalized diapers as a baby gift? 

Why wouldn't you?  Personalized diapers are the perfect gift for new parents, grandparents, baptisms, Brit Milah, Simchat Bat, first birthdays and baby showers. Instead of cigars you could hand out diapers to announce the baby's arrival. How about announcing the new addition to your family with personalized diapers? Keep in mind, personalized diapers are the perfect gift for someone who knows they are having another child of the same gender. They may have all the other things they need, but they'll have to get more diapers!

What if I don't know the baby's name?
We understand.  Some parents don't want to share the name they have picked out until after the baby is born. Some parents just have a hard time deciding on a name! Consider diapers with a personalized phrase like "Littlest Smith" or "Grandpa's Buddy." There are also generic phrases like "Special Delivery" or "Handle With Care"

What if I'm not sure about the baby's weight?
If you are looking for a newborn gift, choose diapers in size 12-18 lbs. They may be too big for baby to wear home from the hospital; but he or she will grow into them quickly! When in doubt, choose the larger size. Our test babies (kids, nieces, nephew, grandkids) were able to wear the size 16-28 lbs diapers from about 8 to 24 months. Many babies are around 20 lbs at one year old .

Are personalized diapers a better gift for a newborn or a baby that can crawl or stand?
Ahhh the debate continues. Our personalized diapers were conceived as a newborn baby gift, but over the years we have seen how cute they can be in other applications. I love the pictures of our baby in her personalized diapers when she is 10 months old and almost ready to walk. But there's also something so special about seeing that brand new name in print. Many people have said that they loved having the personalized diapers gift set as a centerpiece at a baby shower.

Do you have other colors or fonts available for personalized diapers?
The short answer is no. The fonts that we use for our personalized diapers are the best ones for our process. They show up well and result in fewer errors.

How do you ship personalized diapers? 
Personalized Diapers are shipped via US Priority Mail. Priority Mail is provided by the US Postal Service and arrives according to their schedule. More information about Priority Mail is listed at the US Postal Service website.

What kind of diapers do you personalize?
We use high quality disposable diapers. Regrettably, due to ink and printing issues, not all brands of diapers are suitable for personalization.

What about personalized cloth diapers?
It actually doesn't make whole lot of sense to personalize cloth diapers because they are under a diaper cover so no one would ever see them!  We experimented with personalized all-in-one diapers with no success. AIO diapers are washed too often in high heat so we can't guarantee they will stay personalized. We'd rather stick to what we do well.